Southbound and Laneway / by Matsu Photography

I have had a full on year so far, and we are only a couple months in, even this blog post I'm writing is on 5 hrs sleep :S. Late last year and just last week I got to experience two festivals that I have always wanted to hit up Southbound and Laneway and I got to work alongside the brothers at Floating Lungs Music. For both festivals, I was there to work with Koi Child and once they stepped off the stage, I was free to roam. I have to admit freely roaming a festival is a feeling I have forgotten about, typically I'm charging from stage to stage trying to keep up with slightly overlapping set times and praying I make it before the first three songs are over. So the below is a collection of photos from Southbound and Laneway from my aimless wonders at two great days out. Hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for having a browse. Peace. Matsu  PS Highlights include and not limited to Floating Points, Tame Impala, Thundamentals, AB Original, Dune Rats, Mr Carmack, Tired Lion, Sampha and the wild kids climbing trees!