Fam trip to Bali / by Matsu Photography

I can be guilty of working too much. I get so passionate and heavily involved in what I do it's either working, studying or licking my wounds. Because of this, I can sometimes lead an unbalanced life. I often get into bed at 4-5 am, don't catch up with friends or miss out on family time. 

But thanks to my sister we pulled together the fam to spend some time in Bali for my mother's birthday. The travelling party was, my mum, brother, sister, two nephews and my wife. I personally have never been to Bali, so I was excited to scope the place out. We stayed at a really cool Villa just outside of Kuta called Marwar. It was built alongside a small river. It was beautifully lush, green plants blanketed the browns and whites of the villa and on some mornings a light fog would settle over the valley and river. 

I only took a handful of camera gear with me. A body and a couple lenses. I wanted a bit of a break but I also wanted to document my family. Something I've never really done before and I loved it. I think one of the great gifts with photography is that it can help you appreciate the little things in life. A smile from a loved one, a moment between mother and child or a single look that communicates so much. I can't wait to do it again.

So below are some images of my family and some from around Bali. I never had too much time to explore and take photos personally but I managed to get up early a couple mornings and go meet some locals, I also shot a few while driving from place to place (we were always driving).

My soundtrack for writing this post was to Sten Erland Hermundstad's The Ocean. Give it a listen while viewing the images, it's a stunning piece. https://soundcloud.com/sten-erland-hermundstad/the-ocean