Elli Schoen - Hard Heart / by Matsu Photography

A few months back myself and a small team consisting of Jess Parker and Zac Gordon linked up with Fremantle singer Elli Schoen. The original meeting with Elli was to discuss doing both a press shoot and music video at the same time. By doing both it meant we could tie together the press photography and music video into the same production and keep the visual style the same. Same team, same locations, and quick. 

The idea behind the music video for 'Hard Heart' was to tell the story of a relationship at its end. After the arguments have passed and the dust has settled. We are left disconnected and alone. Some choose to remain trapped, bitter or torn while others look to move forward and grow.  (Actually, the whole idea of how we handle tragedy, hardship, and loss in all areas is something that interests me quite a bit. )

I spent quite a bit of time looking for locations. Originally we locked in a different house but close to the shoot date, Eli managed to land a great spot. The afternoon light hit this house beautifully and other potential locations where a 2 min drive away. 

The shoot itself was a lot of fun. We had 3 days to cover the story content, performance and photo shoot. Because we had such a small team it meant we could move quite fast. We had minimal lighting setups and when we had to light anything we did it on the fly. LED gaffer taped to walls, random white materials from Spotlight for diffusion and a set of small photography gels that barely fitted the lights.

Below is a link to the video and a collection of location scout shots, BTS shots, live shots from the 'Hard Heart' single launch and Press photos with Elli. Hope you vibe.