SOTA 16 / by Matsu Photography

So one year ago I shot at State of the Art Festival for my first Blog post and personally I love a good celebration of hometown arts/music. So it was nice to revisit SOTA and bring my camera along for a little one year anniversary. I tailed along with my brothers at Koi Child and then linked up with San Cisco to cover their SOTA set. I spent a lot of time just floating around backstage, chatting and grabbing portraits of peeps, it's such a great way to strike up a conversation and get away with some great shots. 100% guaranteed things get fun backstage, splashing around in rainwater, jumping on fences (wind blew it over), my producer Jess going ham in the Jebediah green room and brother Dan Craig getting away with the San Cisco rider. There are shots of Our Man In Berlin, Mosquito Coast, Mathas, Elli Schoen, Koi, Taku, San Cisco and Jebediah.

Hope you enjoy SOTA through my eyes and thanks for checking out any of my blog posts over the last year. Peace. Matsu.