Freddie Kiss Kruz & Jack / by Matsu Photography

A minute back Perth taste maker I.C.S.S.C brought the beast Freddie Gibbs out to Jack Rabbits for a sold out show. Originally I planned an early night of editing and Final Fantasy 8 (on 5th play through) but homies Kissinger X Kruz and Aslan where on the support and it had been a long time since I strolled through Jack Rabbits for a Freddie Gibbs is dope!

I went into Jack Rabbits with a couple personal challenges. My wide lens is in repair so I limited myself to shooting just on 50mm prime+flash. I also wanted to take on a more photojournalistic and personal approach to covering music and the community that surrounds it. I wanted to take the 'Social Pic' and turn it back into a portrait.  I wanted to grab those fine details, reach for subtle shades and lift out the beauty in the rough... blah blah...... hahaha really I just wanted my photos to reflect what im interested in and how I currently see the world. So have a browse through and vibe on the images.

I am hoping to do more of this along the ways. Why? Because it is way more exciting and interesting.

Less socials more portraits.

Peace. Matsu