New Blood Old Stage / by Matsu Photography

Found myself back at Mojo's again. With camera bag over the back I rolled into familiar lands, slapping hands with resident sound guy Jeremy and the very welcomed head nods of the Mojo's bar team. This time I linked up with Noisey/Vice to document a  show at Mojos. THE NEXT ON TOUR gigs are a set of free shows bouncing around Australia and are setup to help lift up the next set of artists looking to cement a name in Australian music. For this leg of the tour Perth hosted personal favourite Baro flanked by the homie Hancoq, they killed the crowd and then kicked back to soak up the Mojos vibes. But what caught my attention the most were some names I hadn't crossed before Evanda, Chiseko and the Home Baked crew. These homies brought raw enthusiasm backed by heavy 808s to the stage. 7-8 dudes on the stage, passing mics around, punching in for each other and bouncing non stop. The crowd fed off this raw passion and gave back just as much. They owned the spot and called out to be heard. It blew me away. I loved to see this new blood of Australian hip hop coming through, a mix of African, Asian and Caucasian leaving nothing on the plate (they that hungry). Hope this is one of many Blog posts about new wave Australian hip hop. Below is a mix of images from the night. Hope you vibe. Peace. Matsu