A Wild Koi Appeared! / by Matsu Photography

Some of my brothers just released something amazing and just cleaned up Golden Plains Festival! These brothers go by Koi Child. I have been extremely lucky to watch and photograph Koi Child grow and evolve hopefully into a Gyarados Beast Man  (its not even their final form). I have also been able to evolve as a photographer along side them, edit styles, types of images and a lot of help getting over the 'fear' of getting up close and personal. I have spent time in the studio, on the road and just plain chilling with 9 brothers from different mothers (Harris 'Manager' Waters and Jeremy 'Sound Guy' Beste added). The culture that surrounds the band is amazing and having such an eclectic group of friends to photograph day in and day out has been one of my greatest experiences as a Photographer. Have a look through a mix of images and check out the pure vibe that is Koi Child . Peace. Matsu.  

PS keep an eye out for a roving Henry Kissinger and Alistair Walsh