City to Sea / by Matsu Photography

I was lucky enough to team up with a mad team of creatives under the guidance of Julian Tompkin and Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe).  The two put together a multi-art show titled 'Songs Of The Suburbs, Songs Of The Sea for the Fremantle Festival and was an ode to all things Perth. The show was part audio and part visual collaboration. Holding down the audio side was an all-star band consisting of Kav, Empty, Lucy Peach and Steve Parkin to name a few. Taking care of the visuals was Brendan Hutchings of VAM media and myself. My role was to put together a collection of images to be displayed on a projector behind that band. The brief was to find or create images that hinted at our windswept, sand underfoot suburban lifestyle and growing inner city life.   

Below is a shortlist of images. Some old, some yet to see the light of day and others I shot for the show. I really did have a great time looking back over my images and rolling with a talented group of artists. I hope you vibe the images as much as I enjoyed taking them.