SOTA, Paces, At The Pile & Baked Goods / by Matsu Photography

Its funny in Photography you can go from having nothing on to being jammed packed. Last weekend (May 29th) I hit a new night on at Flyrite called 'Baked Goods', then straight into a shoot with the dude Paces the next day, followed but rolling State Of The Art Festival with homies Koi Child and to finish off with At The Pile with Sid Pattni, Catlips, Roland Tings, Paces and Loston through down some jams. Didn't get to bed til 5am that night and then hit the edits hard. Below is a mix of photos form the weekend and some links to some of the artists Soundcloud to vibe out to (mad WA tunes in there)

Artists at SOTA include Birds Of Tokyo, Community Super Group, Downsyde, Odette Mercy, Boys Boys Boys.