Strangelove - Run & Hide / by Matsu Photography

Recently linked with Fremantle rapper Strangelove to shoot a music video for his single 'Run & Hide'. The process was non existent. Me and my camera guy Zac Gordon just kind of rocked up with a camera and some lights not really knowing what to expect. There was a ring and 20+ people dressed as wrestlers ready to put the hurt on. With a very rough plan and no shot list we went in on it. I liked working like this, just kind of flowing with the night and making calls on the fly. Check out the video HERE.

Following up was the launch party which was last night. A lot of Freo homies came out and supported the Single/Video launch for 'Run & Hide' which was dope! Then on to the after party.

I have mixed in different photos I have taken on set, the single launch and the after party. Vibe em out. 

Peace. Matsu