Starting out as a Photographer I was and still am closely attached to the Perth music scene, working closely with artist such as Taku, Koi Child, Eskimo Joe, Slumberjack, ShockOne, Fait and more. Over the last few years I have taken my photographic style from the stage and have let my imagination run loose in different photographic projects and film/video. From the stage to the world I have been lucky to work on some great projects. I worked as Director of Photography 2nd Unit on ‘Top Knot Detective’, published a photographic book titled ‘Dust’ published nationally by Fremantle Press, Directed award winning and nominated music videos for local and national artists for major record labels Warner, Sony and Universal/EMI. With flexibility I have been able to apply my skills commercially with work for Reebok, Lacoste, Toyota, UWA, Frontline Fire & Rescue and Transperth to name a few and was named the PADC Commercial Photographer of the Year 2017 and WAM Press Photo of the Year.

Within all these projects I am able to bring a unique sense of colour, composition and light. I am always looking for heart, honesty, thoughtfulness and bold ambitious expression within my work. 

Lastly I am Falun Gong Practitioner. It is something that deeply inspires his work. The principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance help to create self reflective imagery, motivate and ensure strong artistic integrity. Falun Gong is currently and unfairly persecuted by the Chinese Communist Government. With torture, kidnappings and live organ harvesting currently happening on mass. To learn more

please visit: for more information.

Peace. Matsu